Makanan Baru dan Enak

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Makanan Baru dan Enak

Tips Membuat Kue Cubit Yang Enak dan Empuk

January 12th, 2016 · No Comments · makanan

Tips Membuat Kue Cubit Yang Enak dan Empuk – Today I came back with a big question mark in my head. The question mark that has been filled my head. Having put my bag over my little bed. I immediately shut my door. I do not want anyone bothering me today. I was tired I want to own. Genesis came back round again in my head. “Ersa,” said the white-skinned young man who happened to be passing in front of me.

I heard my name called just turned to the source of the voice. See who is calling me I can not hide the expression terkejutku. The young man who stood a skinny, tall and well-dressed. But I could recognize from her white skin. If he is, “Ardo !!!” I said, looking with an expression that is not less surprise.

How am I not surprised. The person who called me was Ardo my middle school friends first. People that have I forgotten. People who I think can not be met up again now standing in front of the face without sin. He who has made hope and heartbreak. Time seemed to stop spinning and my heart stopped. I can not describe how expression today. My brain seemed to stop working. All persendianku stiff even to blink my eyes I could not. I just froze did not know what to do. I wanted to run because it is not ready with this meeting.

Ardo was then approached. My legs did not seem able to sustain my weight. Persendianku immediately felt weak and my knees shook. Cold sweat suddenly out of my temple. My heart was beating ten times faster than usual. When he got closer and closer to me. “Ersa, you lecture here, too?” Asked the voice that made me could not make any sound. Instead of answering the question Ardo, I actually even dazed, staring at his handsome face.

“Heh Ersa, you ngelihatin hell, how to segitunya?” Ardo said while moving his hand in front of my eyes. I newly realized immediately looked away. “Uh, not really. You had Nanya what do? “I said with a trembling voice.
“Udahlah forget it, oh yes I entered first grade yes.” Said Ardo then turned left.


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